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Get to Know the Seawolf

Get to Know the Seawolf

It’s a great day to be a Seawolf!

But what the heck is a Seawolf?

Tabor Academy's mascot has been a seawolf for decades, and Sammy the Seawolf can be spotted at games and special events around campus. You can often hear people saying, "It's a Great Day to be a Seawolf!" But, not everyone knows that Seawolf is another name for an Orca Whale, also known as Killer Whales. Despite being named whales, Seawolves are actually a large species of dolphins. Don’t let the image of a cute dolphin deceive you, though; Seawolves are among the fiercest hunters in the ocean with no known predators, other than humans. 

Why a Seawolf for Tabor Academy? True, they are native to the Pacific Northwest, but they have been known to make their way to the Atlantic waters every once in a while. In fact, one was spotted off the Coast of Cape Cod in May 2022. Tabor alums were speculating if it was one of Sammy's classmates, coming home for Reunion in June. 

Orcas earned the nickname of Seawolves in some coastal Northwestern cultures because of their unique social and hunting habits. They are revered for their sheer strength, and like wolves, Seawolves live and hunt in groups, called pods. What’s special about Seawolves is that an entire family, or pod, will typically remain together for life. Even if one wanders off for a bit, they usually find their way back. Seawolves don't need a map to find their way home!

The life of a Seawolf pod speaks to the community of Tabor. Once you join our community, our pod if you will, you’re a member for life. We always say, “Seawolves Show Up” and we do. When there is someone in need, Seawolves Show Up. When we have events, recitals, games, plays, and other get-togethers, Seawolves Show Up. We are there for each other, no matter what. 

But what really stands out about Seawolves is that these majestic creatures hold one more nickname, Guardians of the Sea. As the School by the Sea, we seek to care for our planet and our waters, be it through our Marine Science courses that study the oceans and help with conservation efforts or through our Community Service groups working to clean up local beaches and parks.

Thanks to their association with compassion, strong family bonds, protection, and commitment to their community, it’s no wonder why we chose to be the Seawolves. 

It truly is a great day to be a Seawolf.