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Faculty & Staff

Tabor Academy science teacher with student

We model life-long learning: 95% of Tabor faculty and staff participated in Professional Development in the last three years.

Tabor Faculty...

  • Have an unabashed enthusiasm, creativity and passion for and thorough knowledge of their subject.
  • Are empathetic and charismatic leaders who know, care for, challenge, and support the students with whom they work.
  • Are facilitators and directors. They must know how to challenge students to problem solve and make personal discoveries.  
  • Are excellent teachers who know how to step aside, allowing the student to stumble, struggle, and learn to resolve.
  • Model the high standards of professionalism they expect their students to develop: organization, rigor, clarity, promptness, effectiveness, respect, and kindness.
  • Maintain a perspective that allows teachers to take their work and their students seriously without taking themselves too seriously.

These characteristics of excellence in teaching are what our faculty strive for each day at Tabor. 

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